Thursday, May 31, 2012

Asher's photo shoot

I finally took Asher's 1 year photos(only 4 months late).  I'm not gonna lie, the reason I was so late is because I was kind of dreading it. Lets face it, this kid has not had the most pleasant or friendly personality for the past....oh I don't know....about 16 months or so. I figured that trying to take a picture would be even more difficult than trying to get him to do anything else. Who knew that all you had to do was say " say cheese" and he would do the rest. Needless to say it was the easiest photo shoot I've ever had with one of my kids. Now I just have a lot of editing to do. My back drop didn't work out quite like it did the last time but with a lot of cropping I think I can make it work. 

What can I say? The kid loves the camera.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

To Catch You Up

 Asher is getting bigger.
Lily is getting smarter.
 Kat is getting crankier.
 My parents went on a mission to Georgia.
 Jake has gone blind. (Not really.)
 The kids like to play in the mud. Kat does not like the kids playing in the mud.
Lily turned 5 and had an ice cream cake (which Kat made).

We are all doing well.