Friday, February 10, 2012

Asher's Nursery

I was pretty excited to design a nursery. Unfortunately, I've never really had the chance. All the other places we've lived were so small that the baby's room had to be used as a storage room also and was usually filled with boxes and other things. We were also poor students who didn't have the money to spend on decorating bedrooms.

When I got my chance, I wasn't sure what to do since Asher and Jake will be moved into the same room in about a year or so. I didn't want to do all this work just to have him switch rooms and have to change everything. Then I remembered I had bought dinosaur bedding for both the top and bottom bunk since I got it at a steal of a deal for when the boys were sharing a room so I designed the theme of the room around the bedding. At first I was just going to buy all the extra accessories that go with the bedding, but they have all been discontinued since I bought the bedding and all that was very expensive anyway. I decided to be brave and make everything myself even though I had no clue what I'm doing.

I repainted an old dresser that I used when I was a young girl. Above is a close up of the handles. I used words and designs from the bed sheets. I was nervous about the dinosaur paintings. I have never really painted anything before and I have no artistic ability whatsoever when it comes to drawing and painting. They turned out pretty good as long as you don't look too close and cost me about $4 each instead of $25 each.
This is part of the bed sheet that I got the dino's from. I had to change the colors a little on some of them because I didn't want so many of them green.
Ok ok so I realize that the A looks like a Q, the S is crooked and the A and E look like they are a completely different style of letter but I did my best. I got the striped material from the bed skirt that came with the bedding because I didn't need a bed skirt on the bunk beds. I made the curtains out of cheap bed sheets then jazzed them up with part of the bed skirt that came with the dino bedding.
I had a lot of fun doing this room and am excited to do the other kids room and my room next.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Asher Turns One

You know how people always say, "I can't believe my little baby turned one today? Where did all the time go?"

Not me. I know where the time went. The little dude cries every night. He's a royal stink. He's always screaming when he wants food or when Kat walks out of the room. He threw away our expensive Dish remote. He plays in the garbage. He tears apart the space under the kitchen sink daily. He teeths like four teeth at a time. His favorite game is Rip-Out-Your-Eyeballs-With-Sharp-Fingernails. And he has weird hair.

It's felt more like two years to me, but we love him anyway. He loves laughing, eats a pound of food, loves cuddling under blankets, follows the kids around to play with them, and is a great addition to our family.

We celebrated his birthday by hanging out, going to the Codetalker Memorial and doing a little rock climbing.

Then we had chocolate cake and ice cream. Yum.