Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just some funs.

A little Lily, a little Kat. This was taken of Kat today.
Kat says, "You know you're HUGELY pregnant when:
1. The lady at the grocery store says she'll make your bags really light so you don't have the baby on the driveway.
2. You can hear people whispering in the line behind you at the post office, "She must be due any day..."
3. You curse the person who took the one and only maternity spot in the parking lot.
4. You consider moving your daughter's potty trainer to your bedroom so you don't have to walk as far multiple times during the night.
5. Maternity shirts no longer cover the stomach.
6. You burn the bottom of your stomach while cooking.
7. You constantly trip over your child because you don't see him/her.
Kat and Lily enjoy a scene from Finding Nemo together.
Lily's new bed serves a different purpose.
Lily and Dad doing the Urkel!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Perfect First Child

Since I am about to have another baby soon and I know that it will be hard on Lily for a while, I just wanted to take a minute and let her know how much we will always love her. Sadly enough, the first and oldest child is usually the one who has to help out the most like babysitting the younger siblings or running all the errands as soon as they turn 16, which is why Jacob and I have decided that we have the perfect first child. I just can't believe how lucky we are to have her. She is the BIGGEST helper. I have been cleaning so much lately and she has been right there by my side the whole time helping me. Jacob and I get scolded by her if we track mud in the house. (above picture) Many times I will come back to clean up the muddy mess by the door but it is already done. She is also very good at cleaning up after herself. She now loads her own dishes in the dishwasher w/o being asked. We never even taught her that, she just started doing it. She loves babies and takes such good care or her baby doll. She is always telling me that her baby needs a vitamin. She is a little sweetheart. She always comes and gives me a hug or kiss for no reason. Last Sunday I was a substitute in her nursury class and I found that she is quite the teachers pet. The whole time she was right there helping the teachers with EVERYTHING such as passing things out to the other kids or just cleaning things up. She is very concearned about others in the class when they are sad. She is such a good example to me in so many ways and I know she will be for our other children as well.
She also is very good at brushing her teeth twice a day.
Just a silly picture
Her new favorite game. She is guarding that tower so I can't push it over but as you can see she is sleeping on the job. I usually never win because she is a very light sleeper.
This is how you will find her pretty much every day. In her pj's with some sort of stuffed animal and about 10 bracelets on her arm (she will try and convince you that there are only two because that is her favorite number). Lily we love you so much and are so grateful that our Heavenly Father has sent you to us.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Family Day

Before going out for Valentine's Day, we decided to take some silly pictures of the family:

This is a big family kiss. Whenever Lily sees Kat and I kiss, she wants in on the action too.

I love my wife!!

Oh yeah!

Lily's the best kiss giver!

Here we are taking a picture in front of the mirror Lily loves to play in front of.

I just have to say that my wife is simply wonderful. She makes all the stress of school much easier to bear because she does such a great job running our home and taking care of Lily. She's very understanding and patient when school and life demands more of my time than we would like. I wouldn't be able to do it without her. I love you, Kat! Thank you for being the light at the end of my long, dark tunnel.

Happy Valentines Day

Yesterday morning Jacob went out to get a haircut and he returned with a beautiful rose for me and some yummy treats for Lily and I. I was so excited to have something to put on the table because I have been early spring cleaning like mad and I thought the rose would add such a nice touch to my new looking home. About ten minutes later, while I was cleaning in the bathroom, I came out to find my lovely rose in peices. I guess she figured that since it was really Friday the 13th and not yet V-day, that she would make the rose more appropriate for the occasion. I was so sad but at least I still had the yummy treats.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award

A good friend told me about this today, so I spent most of the morning and afternoon working on my pitch, description, sample, and sending in the entry (Psion Beta)!!! The first round is judged solely on the pitch, description, and sample, and the quarterfinalists will be announced next month. 10,000 people can enter, and then the contest closes. I think I got mine in in time. I AM SO NERVOUS! And the last thing I need is something to worry about 24/7 for the next three months, but how could I not enter? The winner receives a 30,000$ contract with Penguin Books, but several finalists last year got signed, too. Anyway, please keep me in your prayers about this, Psion Beta could rock your world!
Here is the preview for my entry: 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Michael Phelps = Utter Idiot?

Some people just can't handle fame and fortune. In fact, most people probably fall in that category. Michael Phelps, however, has been a train wreck waiting to happen ever since he got back from Beijing China last year. A news source is reporting on a picture of him caught on camera smoking cannabis at a party.According to this article, if this is true, Phelps may be facing a four year ban from international sports, loss of huge sponsorships, and no more chance of adding to his 14 gold medals at the London Olympics in 2012. Not only may Phelps lose whatever fame he had, but he'd go down as one of the biggest chumps in sports history. Why would a man who has everything, but who also depends on the performance of his body to make him great fill himself up with garbabge? It makes no sense at all. Can he just not control himself? Now what we have is a potential tragedy, the hero who was once adored by a nation could soon be part of this list: Mike Tyson, Pete Rose, Latrell Spreewell, OJ Simpson, and Michael Phelps.... so so so sad. 

On a side note, I had fun playing with the colors on this post.