Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A couple of interesting things:

First of all, Kat took some pictures of my white coat ceremony, so you can see those. It was as hot as.... (think of a good noun... don't screw this up...) as hot as Julia Stiles' two year acting career. And we had to stand in front of the old library as a class wearing these extraordinarily well-ventilated white coats in the baking sun for over half an hour. It was wonderful. Just wonderful. In between shots the photographer asked us to wipe the sweat off of our brows to avoid glares in the shots.

Last is a funny story about Kat. Most of you probably know that I have an addiction to her homemade mac and cheese, and since we were low on cheddar I advised her to use half cheddar and half mozerrella (which we have in abundance). I thought she would mix them together on the top, but Kat, as you will see, took me quite literally... (Ever read Amelia Bedelia?)

Lily Update

Since most of you probably just want to know more about Lily, and the first rule of media is to keep the people happy, we figured we'd better give you the latest on her. Lily is growing fine and has recently learned trigonometry, and by trig I mean she put her binky in her mouth by herself for the first time. Kat is obsessed with Lily's butt and its shape. I don't know why... she's never been too intrigued with mine.... She weighs about so many pounds and is about inches tall. I'm very well informed. Anywho, here's the pictures and a video of her rolling over:

In case the video doesn't work, it's been uploaded onto Google Video. Here's the link:


Posting From Ohio

Hello! We're in Ohio and trying to live life as best as we can. We've had a computer since the beginning of August, but have been unable to post since our Kodak memory card can't be read by our HP computer. Weird, huh? So, we've finally extracted all our pictures from the camera, and that is why the next few posts will be so close together. This post will show you around the house. I'm afraid it's not much, but it'll give you a general idea. This is living room. Kat bought the rug and the couch cushions were made by her and her mother while in Salt Lake City. The A/C window unit is in the background. It keeps the living room and kitchen pretty cool even on the hottest days.And here is the dining room. It's the only yellow room in the house, and it will eventually be white. The china cabinets are built in, one of which is as crooked as Larry Craig, but the chandler hanging over the table is very nice. This is the kitchen in all of its gas stove, half dishwashing glory. It's usually cleaner, but it's not bad here either. We're happy with it, and Kat has gotten very good at preparing meals on less counter space. And last is a pretty pathetic shot of the bathroom. But at least you can see Kat's backside and the shower curtain. I have no idea how much flipper is making off of each picture, but I doubt it's not much more than tuna and the occasional salmon.