Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bath Time

One of the things I love about babies is when they get so excited and they can't control their little bodies. Jake gets this way when he takes a bath. He just started to enjoy his bath this past week which I am grateful for because I always felt like I was torturing him before.

Psion Beta Strikes Back

This is mostly just an FYI post to anyone who cares. After another round of editing, I decided to send Psion Beta out there again, starting with Adams Literary Agency. They handle YA and middle grade books. Searching for an agency to represent your book is an awful lot like walking onto a stage in nothing but your underwear and trying to ignore the laughs. This will be the third hard push of agent seeking I've done, but each time my book gets better, so there's always hope. After the unbelievable amount of work and effort I've put into just one book (granted, it's my first) and seeing how hard it is to make it publishable (after months of thinking it's good and realizing it needs more work) I can understand how easy it would be to devote all your time to writing and only crank out a book or two a year. I can write about 100,000 words in 3-4 months if I have the time and the book already planned. However, making it readable takes a similar amount of time, if not more. Anyway, here's to Adams Literary Agency!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Bad Meal and Some Randoms

I was so excited. It was going to be great. Probably the best I have ever made. This was it. This was the one. This time I was NOT going to mess it up. These are the thoughts that run though my head every time I am making a meal for a holiday or special occasion and this is how it always turns out. A big fat failure. I have had many people (who've had my mom's cooking) say to me, "I bet you are a great cook because you are your mother's daughter." Oh how I wish this were true. I wish things like this were genetic and that I would just have some natural born talent for cooking. The rest of the meal went something like this:
Potatoes under-cooked
beans over-cooked
rolls over-cooked and crunchy
I would like to just take a moment to thank my husband for putting up with my cooking for almost 4 years and telling me it's good anyway. I would like to apologize for ruining every holiday and special occasion with a bad meal. Next time I'll just order out.
After I pulled the ribs out of the oven and saw what I had done, I sat on the floor and was about to cry when Lily came in and said "Don't cry, mommy." I got up to go tell Jacob what I had done and when I came back I found her trying to immitate me by sitting on the floor and fake crying.
Now for some randoms. One day I looked over and saw Jake like this. Hmm I wonder how he got those. Anyway, it made me laugh.
I am sick of allergies. Lily has a runny nose 24/7/365. It gets all over everything if I don't keep up with it. Today I went out and this one lady was staring at me like I had something on my face. When I got back out to the car and was buckling Lily in I realized it was Lily that had something all over her face. That lady probably thought "Is this mom serious?"
Last but not least, I thought it would be a crime to not get a picture of Jakes adorable feet. They are always turned in with his big toe pointing out to the side. They are so wide I can't get shoes to fit him. Not that he needs shoes right now but I am worried for when he does need shoes.

Friday, June 19, 2009

If you like superheros:

I love superheros, but if there's one out there I'm already very sick of, it's this one:
Let's hope 4 years is all we have to put up with.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fashion tips 101

Two recipes for a totally hip look.
1 pair of pink pajamas
1 pair of white bloomers that you would usually wear under a dress
2 sandals
1 trendy bag

Put on pajamas and bloomers. Button top half of pj's only and tuck one side into bloomers. Throw bag over one shoulder. Put on sandals and make sure to leave them unbuckled.
1 winter coat
1 pair of pink pajamas
1 pair pink panties
1 cheesy smile

Put on pj's. (DO NOT BUTTON) Put on pink panties. unzip the hat part off the coat then place it on your head backwards. Wear coat upsidedown and don't forget to smile.

Lily's First Dental Visit

Lily went to see Jacob yesterday and have her teeth checked. She did very well and we are so proud of her. Everybody thought she was so cute and they kept stopping us in the halls to talk to her and give her things.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Catching Up

Things have been pretty busy around here. I have not been able to blog in a while so sorry for the long post. My brother and his wife came to visit us this past week along with my mom who flew in the week before. Below is a picture of Lily and her cousins Sam, Kate and Maggy. We went to Amish country and had dinner at Mary Yoders.
My mom came a few weeks ago because we moved and things got a little too crazy for me. Jacob had been working till midnight most nights then he broke his elbow and sprained his wrist so he couldn't help much with the move. The house we moved into was disgustingly dirty. I don't know how anybody could live like that. With my moms help we were able to scrub down every inch of this place and get it organized. Because of her I am able to live in this new home with my family instead of a mental institution. Thanks mom. Here are some pictures to give you a litttle idea of what things were like.

Kitchen before
Kitchen after
Living room before
and after
Before mom
after mom
dull and gloomy kitchen
To bright and cheery ( yes I realize that is a very stange place for an oven. These houses were built in the 20's. I'm starting to think people didn't have brains back then.)
It's snowing in June. Ok so it's really just cotton but as much as I hate the winter, this is almost worse because my allergys are going crazy.
Jacob's decorating skills. As much as he loves Michael Jordan, he still saved a spot for his family.
I don't know why this picture is sideways. Lily has finally started sleeping in her big girl bed. I thought it would be difficult to make the change but she has done rather well. One night I found here sleeping on the floor inside her pillow case.
This is the smiliest little guy in the world. Dispite his acid reflex he is a great baby. He sleeps from 9pm to 6am every night. He eats real fast at 6 then goes back down till 8ish. He has rolled over from stomach to back a couple times and can almost roll from back to stomach. He has a blowout pretty much every single day but is the sweetest thing ever. As soon as we finish this box of size two diapers I am going to move him to a size three which means he will be wearing the same size as Lily.
The other day I put Jake down with one of Lily's blankets. She saw what I had done and was not happy about it. I didn't want to switch blankets because I was afraid it would wake Jake up so I was practically begging her to share. She did not want anything to do with sharing at that time so I finally gave in and gave her the blanket. The next day I found this (below) and Lily has been so good about sharing things with Jake ever since.
On Memorial day we went to a little shindig the city was doing. Lily got to pet some sheep and goats.
She also got to ride a pony. She loved it and has been talking about it ever since so Becca when we come to visit we need to take a little trip up to see your horses. You will be her favorite person in the world.
After that we went to a lake and had a picnic. It was such a nice day to be out.
Jacob and Lily watching the ducks

Thursday, June 4, 2009

BYU signs #1 QB Jake Heaps

Here's hoping he turns out to be a huge boost to the program and not a drama mama. Check out these two videos (one where he was 13!!!):