Friday, July 30, 2010

Spaceships and cheese

Lily has really been in to building things these days. She was so proud of this spaceship she built that she wanted me to take a picture. And yes she has chocolate all over her face just in case you were wondering. And of course I had to snap one of Jake who was over in the corner saying "CHEEEEEEEESE"
Then they both wanted me to take one more. Here is Lily's big cheese.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lily's Prayer Tonight

"And I'm going to share all my toys with my sister. And I'm going to play with her and be nice to her. And I'm going to share my kitchen with her. And I'm going to be soft. And thank you for my clothes and my toys and and and and everything. Thank you for everything!"

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Body Art and a Story

When the Kat's asleep, the kids will play. Lily and I got bored and decided to redecorate her face with a pen. Jake saw how much fun we were having and wanted in on the action. I love how expressive his face is.

Lily kept coming back for more...

As for the story part of the post, Kat and I ever since we got married, have never been able to watch our wedding video in our DVD player. We always thought, all this time, that it just didn't work (the DVD). When we approached the kind lady who had put it together for the file, she said she'd already deleted it. However, we just got a new CD/DVD player in our home computer, and I popped in the disk, and ...WALLAH! It worked. So, 5 years after our wedding, Kat and I watched the entire wedding video. It was great. Thanks, for doing that) you know who you are!

I made sure to make 2 back ups of it, and if I can find a way, I'll post it.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

We celebrated our country's freedom in style. My favorite part of the day was learning new camera tricks with my good friend, Dave. After church we went over to his family's house and I brought my trusty camera along with our new tripod. At night we saw some fireworks and I took several shots of them. I'll put up some of my favorites.

A picture of Dave with the missionaries. Blends right in...

Here we are at a golf course and some of the kids played with sparklers. All of the rest of these shots were taken with a tripod leaving the shutter open.

Here's Lily playing with one.

And here she is looking cute. She's wearing a diaper b/c she wet herself a few minutes earlier.

The whole family.

Lily and Jake with fireworks in the background.

A nice one of Kat and the kids watching the display.

The rest of these are some cool fireworks pictures:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

These Days

Lily is really into books and I love it. Normally when the house gets quiet it's time to be nervous about what the kids are getting into but the past couple weeks I have been finding Lily in her room just looking at books. I asked her why she has to make such a big mess when she reads and she said that it's because she just wants to read all of them. We are now working on getting one out at a time. In this picture she is reading Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which has been the favorite of the day. I tried to look up a little video clip of the cartoon on youtube so she could watch it but I ended up getting some stupid little video that someone made to mock the ninja turtles and out of nowhere it became very violent and used naughty words. I had to hurry and turn it off. I think we'll just stick to the book for now. Jakes new thing is to become very offended every time I lay down. I have no idea why. He can be playing and laughing with Lily and not even paying attention to me but somehow every time I lay on the floor to do my exercises or whatever the reason be, he always glances over and gets upset. He will always cry and run off and bury his face in a corner or in this case a chair. Most of the time he will run all the way back to his room and put his face in what I call his "special corner" because it seams to be his place of refuge a lot. This video starts out with me lying down and then when you see the camera move a little bit, that is when I get up.