Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

We celebrated our country's freedom in style. My favorite part of the day was learning new camera tricks with my good friend, Dave. After church we went over to his family's house and I brought my trusty camera along with our new tripod. At night we saw some fireworks and I took several shots of them. I'll put up some of my favorites.

A picture of Dave with the missionaries. Blends right in...

Here we are at a golf course and some of the kids played with sparklers. All of the rest of these shots were taken with a tripod leaving the shutter open.

Here's Lily playing with one.

And here she is looking cute. She's wearing a diaper b/c she wet herself a few minutes earlier.

The whole family.

Lily and Jake with fireworks in the background.

A nice one of Kat and the kids watching the display.

The rest of these are some cool fireworks pictures:

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Carol said...

Nice photos! Kat sure looks thin. Eat more kiddo. Hope you're feeling better. Love to all.