Sunday, November 25, 2007

BYU "getserdun"

What a thrill! What a game! What a show!

BYU topped Utah again for the second straight season. For the last twelve months, everyone has been talking about John Beck to Johnny Harline. "Harline is still open."

Now it will be Hall to Collie. "4th and 18."

I wish I had more to post on this than what I currently do, but this will have to do. Here are the heroes of the game:

Max Hall, the sophomore QB from AZ. Not his best game, but the poise he showed... yeah, he's for real.

Harvey Unga, the Freshman running back.

BYU defense. Tough stuff. The held Utah to half our yards.

BYU is on its way to a second straight undefeated walk though the conference. GO COUGS!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

What are we thankful for?

Kat: My family.

Jacob: Our home.

Kat: Games, especially sorry.

Jacob: Lily. Even though technically she's part of our family.

Kat: Friends.

Jacob: Everyone who's helped us get through this semester.

Kat: Our heaters.

Jacob: My Parents. Even though they're also part of our family.

Kat: The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jacob: The Atonement.

Kat: Anything related to our religion.

Jacob: Music.

Kat: Me, too.

Jacob: Books.

Kat: Food Stamps.

Jacob: that we get to go home for Christmas.

Kat: The colors of fall in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jacob: good movies, and bad ones that make them look good.

Kat: Ice cream.

Jacob: modern technology that lets us live in luxury.

Kat: electricity.

Jacob: soap.

Kat: Our bed.

Jacob: hot baths.

Kat: for holidays.

Jacob: that Mitt Romney is running for President.

Kat: a husband who's interested in politics.

Jacob: that I don't have to put up Christmas lights.

Kat: the parts of my body that work.

Jacob: Kat's body.

Kat: Grape juice.

Jacob: tomato juice, the superior juice.

Kat: doctors.

Jacob: this rug I'm laying on.

Kat: binkies.

Jacob: pizzas.

Kat: blankets.

Jacob: Blogs.

Kat: Warm pajamas.

Jacob: BYU Football winning the MWC championship again.

Kat: Hot Chocolate.

Romney's Platform

Every candidate has his (or her) platform; what they think about certain issues, what they want to accomplish in office, social views, etc. Since I support Romney, I think it's important to know his platform. I found and read and commented on a WONDERFUL article/interview by Human Events detailing Mitt's views on almost every major issue. You should- no- you must check it out if you have any whims about supporting him. It will give you a clear idea of not only what he thinks, but how clearly he can articulate his ideas, how intelligent and straightforward he is, and how he absolutely SHOULD be the next president. Here's the link.
Remember friends and family, our nation is at an extraordinarily critical time. I believe it's our responsibility to make the country the best it can be. And I sincerely believe that by electing Mitt Romney as President, we can do so. But PLEASE don't cast your vote blindly. Find out the issues and be smart.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More updates

This is what I hear all day long. Everybody laughs when they hear it. I try and imitate it but I get a soar throat. I don't know how she does it so long. Maybe I am just doing it wrong.This is here:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Lily updates

This is Lily's favorite toy that our neighbor, Sara, let us borrow. My favorite part about it is that it plays the same songs over and over again all day long. Click here for the link.

Lately Lily has been standing up holding on to things. She is a little nervous in this picture because the toy was not very steady and she didn't quite know what to do.

My haircut

I know this isn't the greatest picture of me but I just wanted to show what my hair looked liked before the disaster. All the pictures of me are taken by me. Jacob is gone all day and I have not taught Lily how to do it yet.

This is the finished product. I don't have an in between picture. The lady who cut it destroyed it and I didn't waste any time going to somebody
else and getting it fixed. It had
to be cut really short in order to fix it. I expect many comments on my new look.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Clinton, "worried about global warming," plants more than trees...

She plants questions. If you haven't heard, Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff have been in Iowa ruining their chances to win the nomination. Not only are they not tipping waitresses, they're also planting questions in the audiences she speaks to. The one she was caught on was from a college student who asked what Hillary Clinton planned to do about global warming.
Rather than doing the smart thing and admitting that global warming is an enormous farce, she answered the question just as she had planned. What she didn't plan for, was the college student coming forth admitting to the press that she had been directed to ask that question.
I always questioned Hillary's merits in staying with her husband, Bill, after all of the numerous sex scandals during his terms in office. Now I no longer question it. Both are equally untrustworthy. Both are equally oily and power-driven. They are perfect for each other.
Here's a nice bit about Hillary by Peggy Noonan. To see the full article, which I highly recommend, click here. It compares Margaret Thatcher with Hillary Clinton, and leaves HC wanting.

"A word on toughness. Mrs. Clinton is certainly tough, to the point of hard. But toughness should have a purpose. In Mrs. Thatcher's case, its purpose was to push through a program she thought would make life better in her country. Mrs. Clinton's toughness seems to have no purpose beyond the personal accrual of power. What will she do with the power? Still unclear. It happens to be unclear in the case of several candidates, but with Mrs. Clinton there is a unique chasm between the ferocity and the purpose of the ferocity. There is something deeply unattractive in this, and it would be equally so if she were a man. "

Thursday, November 8, 2007

More on Romney

That's right. This blog just got political. As I said before, I'm excited about Romney's chances to win the GOP nomination, and yes, the presidency. I not only think it's possible, I think he has a good chance. Apparently, I'm not alone in this assumption, because the New York Times is now leveling their crosshairs at him. If you don't know it already, the New York Times is the wasteland for leftist reporters and their liberal communist agendas. Here's today's headline on Romney:
"On Campaign Stump, Romney Preaches the Importance of Optimism"
Notice the word preaches. Not an accident because they want to tie Romney to his religion and make him sound like a preacher. The Times is so worried about Romney gaining support for his conservatism and wholesome background, essentially being the next Ronald Reagan. So what do they do? Say he is not Ronald Reagan:

"There are limits, of course, to Mr. Romney’s emulation of Reagan. Political observers note that Mr. Romney, who built his vast personal fortune as a corporate takeover specialist, lacks Reagan’s common touch and neighborly charm."
Who are these people they are quoting? They don't have any quotes because their opinions are nothing short of garbage. Then they go on to almost paint him as an idiot using excessive optimism to the point of near delusion:
"Each of the leading Republican contenders has sought to channel in some way the shiny optimism that helped make Ronald Reagan, who famously campaigned on the slogan that it was “morning again in America,” so popular. But it is Mr. Romney who has most thoroughly incorporated such sunbeamy phrases and anecdotes into his repertory on the stump."

I'm glad Romney is doing so well that he is now receiving the attention of the Evil Times. Way to go! Keep up the great work! I hope there are people out there smart enough to see through the crap pumped out by people afraid to have a good man in office.

If you want to swim in the rest of the garbage, you can read the article here:

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hilarious Jokes about Romney

I am a HUGE supporter of Mitt Romney. If I weren't in dental school, and had lots of money to give, I would donate to him for all my family and extended family. I'm really excited that he is doing so well in the polls, as I always believed he could. Anywho, I just have to put up this hilarious list up. It comes from a blog by Dr. David Alvord, a big Romney supporter. Here's his link:

But more importantly, here's the list:

Top Ten reasons I hope to have a Mormon President:

By David Alvord

10. So that the "National Cathedral" can be renamed the "National Tabernacle"

9. So NASA will comission a satellite to hie to Kolob

8. The Secret Service will be changed to the Sacred Service

7. All official government prayers to include the phrase: "that we all get home safely"

6. So that Napoleon Dynamite's endorsement does more that get Pedro elected

5. To have a President who can not only explain things in Layman's terms but also in Lemuel's terms

4. An exchange of presidential pardons for 100% home teaching

3. Finally a President who can not only pronounce the word "nuclear", but can also say "mahonri-moriancumr" and "maher-shalal-hash-baz"

2. At inauguration he will place his hand on the bible "as far as it is translated correctly"

1. To have a first family large enough to occupy all the rooms of the White House

Monday, November 5, 2007

Some things I've noticed:

1. You never hear the moms or dads in commercials for baby formula say: "It's so good that we drink it, too!"

2. When you see a lottery billboard, it's always of someone winning, but the odds of that are like a million to one, the same as the odds of getting eaten by a shark will swimming in the ocean, but no one puts sharks on the billboards for ocean beaches.

3. Phantom of the Opera has a very superficial message: If you're ugly, wear a mask.

4. Laws require people to pick up their dog's droppings, but they don't say anything about fertilizers.

5. People pay lots of money to have their skin darkened and their teeth whitened... which is it, folks?

6. Everyone wants to have more than two arms so they can do more things, but as soon as a baby is born with extra appendages, we cut them off.

7. The lyrics to the song Come Thou Fount don't always make a lot of sense.

8. If everyone hates winter, why is global warming so bad?

9. Jack and Sally would never have made a good couple.

10. Pam and Jim do.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Every time Lily gets a blanket or a piece of cloth in her hand she holds it next to her face and sucks her thumb. I don't know why but it makes bedtime real easy.

I am sorry to all those who think this is gross but I told my mom I would let her see how infected my toe got . So here you go mom. Enjoy.

We finally have a little bit of food storage. It isn't much but it's a start. I was proud of it. Jacob gets mad because I keep eating it.

It is impossible to fold the laundry while Lily is awake. She crawls all over the clothes and unfolds everything that I fold.

We have started feeding her solids. So far so good. There are not many things that she doesn't like. It is always easy to tell if she didn't like the meal because she ends up looking like this.

This is how she looks at bedtime when she has way too much energy. We had to lower her bed down because she flips around and practically does handstands up against the sides.

Turkey is not one of her favorite foods. I don't blame her. It smells like cat food. This reaction is not nearly as bad as my nephew Sam's but I still thought it was funny. Just to let everybody know I don't usually do her hair like that. I was just getting it out of her face while she ate.

I am upset because our camera is broken and it shuts off all the time in the middle of filming. This video would be a lot better if it was longer but oh well. This is just a little bit of what she can do with her spitting skills. If the camera didn't shut off you would see how red and intense her face gets. Spitting is serious business to her. Hopefully we can get a better camera soon so you can see it. It's pretty funny.