Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Telepathic Child

For the past month it seems like someone in my house has been sick. Not just a little cold but really sick. Last night I was enduring the second illness I've had in 3 weeks and my sweet little Asher was sick with a high fever that he'd had for about 4 days now. I was laying in my giant bean bag chair with Asher stretched across my chest feeling rather discouraged and sorry for myself. I just kept thinking how much I needed my mother and that maybe I should give her a call. But then I thought, no, I won't call her. She is a busy woman and doesn't need to be bothered with my whining. I knew she wouldn't mind but I figured that me calling just to whine and complain about how miserable I was wasn't going to solve anything. I was literally on the verge of tears as I sat there having this inner battle with myself: should I call? No I won't call. After about 10 minutes my 21 month old little Asher must have been reading my mind and thought he'd had about enough of it because all of a sudden out of nowhere he climbed off my chest, ran over to the counter, climbed up on a chair, grabbed the phone and brought it over to me saying "Here doh"(Here you go) I stared at him for a second thinking "Did he really just do that?" Then of course the tears really did come so I put the kids in bed and gave my mom a call. Of course she was doing something crazy and insane just as I thought like tiling her own bathroom floor after building and extension on to the cabinet but she stopped and listened anyway and although my physical condition didn't feel any better my spirits were lifted so thanks little Ash man for tuning into my thoughts and feelings and thanks mom for listening to me gripe.........again.