Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lily and Jack

Last night we had some friends over to play a game. It was so nice because our kids play so well together making it easy for us adults to enjoy ourselves. Lily and Jack made a nice little cozy spot on the floor all by themselves and watched Incredibles. At least they were smart enough to have separate blankets. Later in the evening I heard...

Jack: "Lily I love you"
Lily: (kisses him on the cheek) " I love you too"

This is Lily dancing to Dora The Explorer. As usual she gets a little shy because she knows I'm filming her. Dora is her favorite show right now and it has been so fun to see her sing and dance along.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas Eve Jacob and I watched Seinfeld and ate snacks.

Yummy Christmas Trifle
Jake wouldn't look at his presents. He wasn't even interested in the wrapping paper. Lily didn't mind opening them for him.
Lily got a Pound Puppy from Gma and Gpa Gowans and some puzzles from Gma and Gpa Crosby. I thought the fishy puzzle was so cute because it has a little magnetized fishing pole.
Our pathetic little Christmas tree. Our neighbor downstairs gave it to us because she thought it was lame so she got a new one. We didn't have one so it worked out for us. The lights didn't work though but oh well.

Me and my new jammies from VS. I LOVE them.

Here is a little video of Lily. I am so mad at myself because I bought her a Dora backpack and she saw it before I wrapped it so she has been asking where it is for the past couple weeks. I meant to video tape her opening it because I knew she would be so happy but I forgot to get the camera out. She was so excited and started jumping up and down saying "My packpack my packpack." It was still fun to see her open the other presents. She kept hugging them and saying "I love this" Oh and by the way, mom and dad you gave her the packpack. You also gave her the Dora movie that she opens in the video. Nice work. And also I just wanted to say that my daughter does not have a stuttering problem. She only says Da da da da da Dora because that is the way they sing it in the theme song.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Lily is going through a phase where she doesn't always take a nap every day even though she really needs it. Every time she doesn't take one when she is supposed to, she ends up falling asleep in the car on the way to pick up Jacob from school. A few days ago we had one of those days. After arriving home, Jacob carried her in the house and put her down so he could take her coat off. She was so tired she didn't even wake up. She just stood there sleeping. It was pretty funny to watch.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

If you like Tetris, you'll love this:

How often does this happen: you wait and wait for the line ....

A Video

I have not made a video of the kids in a long time so I just decided to film them playing tonight.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

9 Months (well almost)

Mr. J had his 9 month checkup today. He has slowly been dropping on the weight chart. He weighs 18lbs 13oz. which is about the 10th% for boys. This little guy has been an absolute joy(except for the no sleeping part). He has such a wonderful personality and is usually so easy unless he is teething like he is right now. He wakes up about 5-6 times a night. I let him cry it out for a whole week and it did absolutely NOTHING. His Dr. told me to wait 3 weeks then try it again. I am not looking forward to it. His Dr. also told me (knowing what a weakling I am) that I better do it before he learns to cry "Mama" or it will never happen.
I love to watch Jake and Lily play together. The other day I had a HUGE pile of laundry in the hall where he and Lily were climbing to the top and rolling down laughing hysterically. He loves her so much and loves to be involved with everything she is doing weather she likes it or not. He thinks he's a big boy and likes to feed himself. Feeding time is always a mess because he swats at the spoon and won't let you get it near him. Sometimes Jacob holds his arms down while I try and feed him but then he clamps his jaw so tight it just ends up all over his face. Give him the spoon though and he's in heaven. And yes I have tried giving him his own spoon while I feed him with another one but that doesn't work either. Stubborn like his Mama I guess. (My mom is probably chuckling and thinking how much I deserve this)

Things I love about this guy......
The way he follows me around the house when I vacuum. He sits and watches in awe while I do a room and then quietly follows me to the next room where he sits and watches in amazement again.
That he is so snuggly.
His laugh.
How good he is when I put him down to bed at night. He lies right down on his tummy and waits for his blanky and doesn't usually move or make a sound he just goes right to sleep.
How he LOVES his Mommy.
How excited he gets when he knows he's about to get in the bath.
How he comes cruising in the kitchen if he hears the dishwasher or the fridge open. He can unload dishes faster than I can load.(Don't worry I keep sharp items away)
There are many more things I want to say but for the sake of this being a long post I will write them in my more personal journal. I love this guy to death. His smile melts my little heart every time and I am so blessed to have him.