Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas Eve Jacob and I watched Seinfeld and ate snacks.

Yummy Christmas Trifle
Jake wouldn't look at his presents. He wasn't even interested in the wrapping paper. Lily didn't mind opening them for him.
Lily got a Pound Puppy from Gma and Gpa Gowans and some puzzles from Gma and Gpa Crosby. I thought the fishy puzzle was so cute because it has a little magnetized fishing pole.
Our pathetic little Christmas tree. Our neighbor downstairs gave it to us because she thought it was lame so she got a new one. We didn't have one so it worked out for us. The lights didn't work though but oh well.

Me and my new jammies from VS. I LOVE them.

Here is a little video of Lily. I am so mad at myself because I bought her a Dora backpack and she saw it before I wrapped it so she has been asking where it is for the past couple weeks. I meant to video tape her opening it because I knew she would be so happy but I forgot to get the camera out. She was so excited and started jumping up and down saying "My packpack my packpack." It was still fun to see her open the other presents. She kept hugging them and saying "I love this" Oh and by the way, mom and dad you gave her the packpack. You also gave her the Dora movie that she opens in the video. Nice work. And also I just wanted to say that my daughter does not have a stuttering problem. She only says Da da da da da Dora because that is the way they sing it in the theme song.

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