Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Jake is finally walking and the weather was soooo nice today so I decided to take the kiddos out. It was Jakes first time playing outside. He loved it. In fact it was the longest he had gone without crying or whining about something in a long time. The reason he is not wearing any shoes is because I went to put his "real shoes" on for the first time only to find out his feet are way too fat. Sorry for all the pictures I was a little camera happy.

The sun was in his eyes and I thought it was cute.
I was impressed by his strength

I can't get him to put any food in his mouth but I couldn't keep the rocks out.
Look at him go
We got this bike for $6 at a rummage sale last summer but her feet couldn't reach the pedals. Now she can reach but she is having a hard time figuring out how to pedal. It is a Dora The Explorer bike so naturally she had to have her Dora backpack on. Inside is her baby and her puppy Max dog.

Lily came in the room as I was loading this picture on the computer. She started laughing and said "Hey that's my little bum. What's it doing there?"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Automobile Care is an Inalienable Right:

Frankly, Obama's next big push should be to get every American automobile covered by insurance. I'm tired of hearing about how my old clunker can't get insurance just because its engine has a defect from the manufacturer. It's an outrage! It's all I have and driving it around instead of walking improves my quality of life. It makes me happy. Since I can't afford to pay a mechanic the cost of having my engine replaced, someone with more money should pay it for me.

Illegal aliens? Heck, they should have subsidized auto insurance, too. My kids' cars should be able to stay on my insurance until the cars turn 260,000 miles. There are 30-40 million uninsured cars in this country who aren't getting the proper maintenance. Btw, just between you and me, when I get my free autocare, I'm going to stop giving my car oil changes and service, because the government will just buy me a new one whenever this one breaks down.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amazon Contest Results

Update: Here is how to review my excerpt. For those of you who don't have a Kindle, you have to download an application called Kindle for PC. It is free and easy to install. Then click on Psion Beta (the words I just typed). The excerpt is also free, and double clicking it in the application will open it. If you wish to write a review, which I would REALLY appreciate, and rate the book (preferably with a high rating), follow these instructions. Basically they say don't be crude, don't leave one word answers, and put something helpful. It really won't help me much if all my friends go on and write: "Awesome!" or "Wow! I loved it." They prefer at least 75 words. So... it may take a bit of effort, but again, it will be extremely appreciated. Thank you everyone for your support. Please tell all your friends. Every positive review helps me.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Must Read

The times we live in.

1 Year Checkup

I couldn't put this on the last post because he didn't have his appointment till today. As of now Jake is almost walking. He says Mama, Dada, baba and can sign more and all finished. He will try to imitate everything you do. He weighs a little over 19 pounds which is in the 7th percentile. This was not good news. His weight gain has not been increasing in the last couple Dr. visits because I can't get the darn kid to eat. He had some extra blood work done because of it and has been put on a diet of 2 bottles of pediasure per day along with anything else I can get him to eat that is super high in fat. He has another appointment in 6 weeks to see if he is gaining and if he's not then they will have to take more extreme measures. (whatever that means) Personally I think he's just fine. Anyway here is a cute video of the little guys. He gets pretty excited about walking. Sometimes he can't contain his excitement so he loses his balance.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Big Nemero 1 For J

On March 16th my little boy turned one. I could not imagine life without this kid. He has brought so much joy to our home. He still does not sleep well at night and he is the pickiest eater in the world (which is why i'm still nursing) but he makes up for it with his constant snuggles.

Things I love about this guy:
1. He is the BEST snuggler in the world
2. His laugh
3. His big blue eyes and curly hair
4. I am his favorite person
5. His big wide feet
6. That he loves to play with his sister
7. His teasing personality
8. When he's tired he'll come find me wherever I am and lie down on the floor in front of me, usually with his head on my foot.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Party For The Babies

One year ago a bunch of my friends and I all had a baby with in a few weeks/days of each other. Today we got together and celebrated all their little birthdays. A few of them were missing due to having moved already or just not being able to come but there were a lot of little babies turning one this month in our neck of the woods.
Lily doesn't get to play with girls a whole lot and I could tell she was loving having somebody to play princess with. Here are her friends Emmi, Maddi, Bella, (or vise versa. I couldn't tell those two apart to save my life) and Lily.
The birthday boy with a little marker on his face. All the birthday babies. Max, Jake, Nathan, and teeny tiny Carlyn. Nathan and Carlyn are up and walking. Max and Jake are getting close. These babies are the sweetest.
The cupcakes were darling. And yummy too.
Jake getting ready to blow out his candle. He was not interested in eating it so I helped him out.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jake Video

This morning Jake and I were practicing signing "more" and whenever he would do it I would clap and say "Yay J!" I think my clapping confused him because now he won't sign it anymore.

Yewtah Fan Flow Chart

I found this gem on Cougarboard (yes, I am allowed on right now). I thought you might like it, or at least get a laugh. Especially you, Becca.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Story about Chile Earthquake"

Today in Fast and Testimony Meeting, a High Priest shared a story about the Chile Mission President and his wife who received a prompting from the Holy Ghost 2 weeks before the earthquake that there would be an earthquake. They went around the mission and prepared the elders and sister missionaries for such an occasion. When the quake struck, they were all prepared and were fine.

Having heard some interesting stories in the past, I did a google search and found this link. I figure if it's on the church's website, you can believe it. Anywho, if you hadn't heard it, you can read it. If you did hear, you can believe it.