Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Jake is finally walking and the weather was soooo nice today so I decided to take the kiddos out. It was Jakes first time playing outside. He loved it. In fact it was the longest he had gone without crying or whining about something in a long time. The reason he is not wearing any shoes is because I went to put his "real shoes" on for the first time only to find out his feet are way too fat. Sorry for all the pictures I was a little camera happy.

The sun was in his eyes and I thought it was cute.
I was impressed by his strength

I can't get him to put any food in his mouth but I couldn't keep the rocks out.
Look at him go
We got this bike for $6 at a rummage sale last summer but her feet couldn't reach the pedals. Now she can reach but she is having a hard time figuring out how to pedal. It is a Dora The Explorer bike so naturally she had to have her Dora backpack on. Inside is her baby and her puppy Max dog.

Lily came in the room as I was loading this picture on the computer. She started laughing and said "Hey that's my little bum. What's it doing there?"


Carol said...

Great question, "What's it doing there?" She sure is a smart kid!

Ashley said...

Hahah, what a cute quote. It's so fun to see these memories documented. Your kids are so dang cute.
Oh, and I just got home from out of town, and I'm having trouble following the directions to leaving a review for Jacob. Can he e-mail them to me one more time. I get it downloaded, then nothing happens. I don't know where to go to click on Psion Beta. Thanks

Rosalee said...

I'm glad you guys are getting out and enjoying the warm weather. Your kids are really cute!

Becky said...

Your kids are adorable!!! And Kat, there's some great pictures. I liked the one with just a little color in it. Nice!