Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Bad Meal and Some Randoms

I was so excited. It was going to be great. Probably the best I have ever made. This was it. This was the one. This time I was NOT going to mess it up. These are the thoughts that run though my head every time I am making a meal for a holiday or special occasion and this is how it always turns out. A big fat failure. I have had many people (who've had my mom's cooking) say to me, "I bet you are a great cook because you are your mother's daughter." Oh how I wish this were true. I wish things like this were genetic and that I would just have some natural born talent for cooking. The rest of the meal went something like this:
Potatoes under-cooked
beans over-cooked
rolls over-cooked and crunchy
I would like to just take a moment to thank my husband for putting up with my cooking for almost 4 years and telling me it's good anyway. I would like to apologize for ruining every holiday and special occasion with a bad meal. Next time I'll just order out.
After I pulled the ribs out of the oven and saw what I had done, I sat on the floor and was about to cry when Lily came in and said "Don't cry, mommy." I got up to go tell Jacob what I had done and when I came back I found her trying to immitate me by sitting on the floor and fake crying.
Now for some randoms. One day I looked over and saw Jake like this. Hmm I wonder how he got those. Anyway, it made me laugh.
I am sick of allergies. Lily has a runny nose 24/7/365. It gets all over everything if I don't keep up with it. Today I went out and this one lady was staring at me like I had something on my face. When I got back out to the car and was buckling Lily in I realized it was Lily that had something all over her face. That lady probably thought "Is this mom serious?"
Last but not least, I thought it would be a crime to not get a picture of Jakes adorable feet. They are always turned in with his big toe pointing out to the side. They are so wide I can't get shoes to fit him. Not that he needs shoes right now but I am worried for when he does need shoes.


Rosalee said...

So sorry that your ribs didn't turn out. But don't give up! Your kids are adorable! Can't wait to meet Jake in a few months!!!

Rosalee said...

Oh, and you should ask your doctor about giving Lily benadryl. My doctor had me give William some with his last cold and it cleared up the runny nose he had been having for 2 months!!! I just gave him about 1 mL twice a day. Lily would get more, probably the whole teaspoon. But anyway, you should think about it!

Kristine said...

Don't feel bad, Kathryn, cause I'm a horrible cook too! And Noah has those wide feet-- a Crosby trait, I think. We've had to buy stride rite brand ever since he was little because regular shoes were always too narrow. I about cried when his first pair cost almost $60! Cute photos, btw. Lily has such a cute personality, I bet she keeps you laughing all day long!

Carol said...

Just tell Jacob that you are serving him "burnt offerings" because of how much you love him. Blame Great Grandfather Cahoon for the wide feet. Lily is hilarious! Also, the only reason I can cook is because your dad sets the table, cleans up after me, distracts the kids, reminds me of what is in the oven, or on the stove that is about to burn, etc. because "Only cowards cook on low!"

Carol said...

Also, I am still cracking up remembering when Lily bawled herself out for making a mess. "Oh Lily, what a mess!"

Becky said...

I bet the meal wasn't as bad as you said. You're not that good at saying what you do well, as I recall! I love that Lily fake cried. We all need a little sympathy sometimes.

Justin said...

Oh man...story of my life!! I feel like everything I cook is either under done or over done. All I know is, the time we ate at your house (Cafe RIo) it was DELICIOUS!!


Anonymous said...

My kids have seasonal allergies and they see an asthma specialist. She has them take loratadine which is a 24 hr allergy medicine. You could check on that with your dr. Liz only takes 1/2 of one.