Friday, February 20, 2009

Perfect First Child

Since I am about to have another baby soon and I know that it will be hard on Lily for a while, I just wanted to take a minute and let her know how much we will always love her. Sadly enough, the first and oldest child is usually the one who has to help out the most like babysitting the younger siblings or running all the errands as soon as they turn 16, which is why Jacob and I have decided that we have the perfect first child. I just can't believe how lucky we are to have her. She is the BIGGEST helper. I have been cleaning so much lately and she has been right there by my side the whole time helping me. Jacob and I get scolded by her if we track mud in the house. (above picture) Many times I will come back to clean up the muddy mess by the door but it is already done. She is also very good at cleaning up after herself. She now loads her own dishes in the dishwasher w/o being asked. We never even taught her that, she just started doing it. She loves babies and takes such good care or her baby doll. She is always telling me that her baby needs a vitamin. She is a little sweetheart. She always comes and gives me a hug or kiss for no reason. Last Sunday I was a substitute in her nursury class and I found that she is quite the teachers pet. The whole time she was right there helping the teachers with EVERYTHING such as passing things out to the other kids or just cleaning things up. She is very concearned about others in the class when they are sad. She is such a good example to me in so many ways and I know she will be for our other children as well.
She also is very good at brushing her teeth twice a day.
Just a silly picture
Her new favorite game. She is guarding that tower so I can't push it over but as you can see she is sleeping on the job. I usually never win because she is a very light sleeper.
This is how you will find her pretty much every day. In her pj's with some sort of stuffed animal and about 10 bracelets on her arm (she will try and convince you that there are only two because that is her favorite number). Lily we love you so much and are so grateful that our Heavenly Father has sent you to us.


Sasha said...

u are so lucky! she is a little angel that will be a great big sister.

Caleb and Ash said...

She really is a little angel! I know exactly how you feel though. Adi is amazing. I never have to get after her for anything dealing with her sister, unless it's to stop hugging and kissing her so much because her sissy is getting mad. She loves her more than anything, and it's so refreshing. Good luck with the second one, you'll do great Kat. And lucky for you, you have an amazing little helper who will make a GREAT big sister!
(don't worry about potty-training, it will come soon!)

Catherine Faux said...

Leland and I think Lily and Lucy would be good friends. Lucy also loves to wear her pjs and I have to make her put on some jeans whenever I want to go outside. Lily's cute for sure!

Rosalee said...

Lily is so cute! Thanks for your comment about William's eyes. I love Lily's eyes also! She has such clear blue eyes. they are gorgeous. I am so excited for you to have a little boy soon. Lily will be a great big sister! And I love that she cleans up after you and Jacob. Too cute!

Michal Thompson said...

Your wife and daugther are the cuttest things ever! i am so jealous that Kat is so small while being prego!! I go straight out and Connor even wonders if it is possible to be so enormose, eve when I am right there infront of him.