Monday, January 11, 2010

Some Lily quotes

Lily is very affectionate like me and Kat. Sometimes she will just come up to me and say, "I love you, too, Dad." I guess that's a good thing because I'm telling her I love her often enough.

Other times she expresses it this way: "Dad, I just love you."

Today Lily was talking to me right after I got home. She had a fairly traumatic experience today when her play date with Jack Heaton was cancelled, so I explained to her that even though it was cancelled, she will still go there tomorrow. She cheered up and said, "Yeah, I just love Jack. He's going to give me big girl kisses. And he's going to give me big girl hugs."

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah, he just loves me. And I love him, too. And he'll give you a big five."


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Justin said...

Sorry to cause you pain Lily! I promise we will have fun today when you come over. And I'm not sure about getting "big girl kisses" from Jack. I need to work on the restraining there. :) But I'm pretty sure Lily is the one that taught it to Jack...hee hee! :)