Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just Hangin Out

We have literally just been hanging out this summer which has been nice and frustrating at the same time. We would like to move on to AZ which was the plan but it has taken a little longer than we thought to make it there. Meanwhile, we are enjoying family and friends and having fun.

Here is Asher with cousin Grace. Don't be fooled. It may appear that Ash is using a football tackle on her but in fact it was the other way around. She was giving him cute hugs and kisses which is why I got the camera in the first place but then it just turned into a little brawl.

This is the result of asking Lily to smile for a picture.
And this is the result of asking her to try again. She has been LOVING all the constant play with cousins and new friends.
Jake's messy snow-cone face. Every night he says in his prayers..." please bless that I can have a snow-cone."
Oh and he got a new haircut thanks to my brother Dave.
Asher's new stance. He is so close to crawling. I can't wait.

He also has learned to sit on his own.
This is his "can I be done?" face.

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