Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love It When Daddy Comes Home and other random things.

The kids always ask if they can go outside and "look" for dad. Jacob walks home and he is usually home about the same time every day so I let them go out to wait for him but I get too stressed out when they are in the front yard so I only let them go out a few minutes before he comes. The other day they were asking to go find him a little over an hour before he would get home so I told them they needed to wait a little longer before they went out. They literally stood at the front door staring out the glass the entire time, waiting for me to give the ok for them to go outside. When it was time, they rushed out the door and over to the curbside to watch down the street. As soon as they saw him coming they ran down the sidewalk after him yelling in excitement. Luckily I had my camera out (because I was trying to take some pictures of Ash man) and was able to see them strolling down the street together. When I went outside Jake yelled to me "Mom, I found dad!" (Wow! That is one smoking hot dentist!) Their favorite thing to play when dad comes home is "Superhero"

And yes, I do get a little nervous when they play superhero. But they LOVE it.
Lily getting ready to fight.

Even Asher loves it. I'm pretty sure that "Cozy Sac" was the best thing we ever got and that one was free.
Random Things:

The other day I was making a grocery list when I had to run upstairs for a minute. When I got back, my list had a few added items. (pears, apple and marshmallow cereal) I love that Lily can write. Now if we could just work on that spelling before she starts school in the fall.
I love that Asher puts himself in his little chair to drink his bottle. Sometimes I literally can't find him and then I finally see him all the way over in the corner just chillin in his chair.
This morning I found him soothing himself with this little contraption. It is the nipple off an old bottle stuck on top of a metal pole.
It looked a bit awkward to use but he seemed to enjoy it.
What a little turkey eh?

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Becky said...

Love the masks and yes I would get very nervous watching my children fly through the air like that. Don't worry about the spelling they teach the kids to write how it sounds and then work on spelling a couple of years later.