Monday, February 4, 2013

My Little Ash Man

Getting to know this little man the past two years has brought so much joy in my life. I can't say that I've slept much throughout this time but it has been a wonderful experience non-the-less and I am truly grateful for each and every day. Some words I would use to describe him are.....

Sweet: He is the worlds best snuggler. He would snuggle all night long if I let him. He often times stops in the middle of an activity to run over to me and give me a big hug for a few seconds and then he goes right back to his activity. He also has the sweetest little voice (when he's not angry) and is learning to sing and seems to enjoy it. He also is my only child that says "Please, thank you and excuse me." It took me a long time to understand him because he didn't talk for so long and then when he did all his words sounded exactly the same.He's gotten a lot better and I have finally figured out his system. He most often will only pronounce the first syllable of the word and then repeat it for how ever many syllables are in the word, for example, chicken is "Chick chick" Chocolate is "Choc choc" and muffin is "Muff muff."

Careful: He is not very adventurous. He prefers to play close to me while observing others around him play. Sometimes if they are laughing and acting like they are having way to much fun he might decide to join in.

Loving: He always wants to say goodnight to his brother and sister by giving them a hug and kiss before he goes to bed. He is always concerned if someone gets hurt and will always apologize if he is the one that hurt them.

Stubborn: This kid can throw a tantrum that lasts forever. If he does not get what he wants he will make sure you are severely miserable for it.

Unpredictable: You never know if this kid is going to wake up happy or angry. If he wakes up happy he usually remains that way throughout the rest of the day and if he decides to be angry you can pretty much buckle your seat belt and hang on tight for the duration of the ride.

Eager: Although he is not adventurous he is still very eager to learn. He watches my every move all day with sheer curiosity and interest in what I'm doing. He often times tries to imitate my actions and words. He loves to read and we usually don't get through a day with out reading several books.

Helpful: Along with wanting to learn he also loves to be helpful while he's learning. Any time I'm in the kitchen  he is right there on his stool helping me dump cups of flour or crack an egg or stir it all together. I'm pretty sure he's going to be my best cook when he grows up because not only does he enjoy doing it but he pays very close attention and can often times predict what I need next and get it out of the fridge for me. He's made banana bread with me so many times he's probably got the recipe memorized. He also likes to help me sweep the floor. Avery time I sweep he's right behind me with the dust pan saying "Now? Now?" every five seconds. He lays my clothes out for me in the morning so I can get dressed, he helps me make my bed every morning, he often brings me my favorite sweater because he knows I'm always cold. When I'm getting ready in the bathroom he hands me my hair brush and tooth brush and sometimes he picks out what hair clip he thinks I should wear. If I'm using the bathroom you can pretty much count on him standing right there at my side with toilet paper in hand ready for me to use when I need it. You see how helpful he is? I think he'd make a great dental assistant to his dad some day.

I really can't imagine my life without this little man. Happy birthday Asher! We love you!

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Elder and Sister Gowans said...

Thank you Kathryn for this sweet letter about Asher.