Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Outfits

So these are definitely not the official Easter portraits. We woke up way too late on Sunday so I didn't have time to do the kids hair like I wanted and to spend more time getting cute pictures. Some day if it ever stops raining I will take them outside to do it.

Here is Jake sporting his famous Dinosaur growl face.
And here he is again being extremely cooperative.
Lily was SO excited to finally get to wear her Easter outfit. This is her jumping for joy.
And this is her being her usual cutesy self. She is so proud of those new shoes.


Carol said...

Why didn't I ever do cute things like that for you guys at Easter? Becca brought cute new suits for Ty and Cody. Kristine takes cute Easter pictures. I'm confident Stacie did as well, and Marc posted cute ones of Maggie recently. It is so fun to have these pictures of memorable points in a child's life. What's my excuse??? Help! Find one for me,PLEASE!!!!

Becky said...

Josie thinks it is rude that you left out Asher. We think the other two look pretty cute though. But I do agree we need to see more of Asher I am sure he has changed quite a bit.