Monday, June 27, 2011

The Past 6 Weeks

The past 6 weeks have been a little crazy. First off Jacob graduated(and the crowd goes wild). His parents came out to see the event and help us move the next day. It was an exciting and emotional time. Afterward we took a three day venture across the country and are now hanging out with family and old friends. Our plan was to move to our new place mid July but now it looks as if we will be here till September.
During our three day travel we stopped for a day to hang out with Jacob's sister and her family. It was about half way through our journey so it was a perfect time to take a break from our travels and have some fun. We went to the zoo.
The gorillas are always the main attraction for us.
This is a picture of a mommy gorilla snuggling with her baby. (my face is hidden in this pic. Can you see it?) It is just my reflection in the glass.
Petting some goats.
Adorable little baby goats in a water dish.
I have no idea what this is or why I even put it here.
Random pic: I love that my kids love to wear hats.
A couple weeks ago we went to a dinosaur park with another one of Jacob's sisters. Jake was in heaven.

Another random pic: Jake loves this swing at my parents house and even if nobody is pushing him he will still sit in it forever. One day he sat in it so long that he fell asleep.
And of course there's our little Ash man. I feel bad that we don't have many pictures of him. It seems he was born at a chaotic time and I have yet to do a real photo session with him.(besides the cute pics my sister took when he was a few weeks old) Here he is almost 5 months old. He can now roll over front to back and back to front. He talks jibberish a lot and can grab things in his hands. He loves any attention he can get and is obssessed with the TV.(not that I make him watch it but if it is on then he will do anything in his power to stare at it) The tear ducted in his right eye finally cleared up but his left eye still struggles pretty badly. I really hope he doesn't have to have surgery on it. As you can see he doesn't open that eye all the way and it usually looks pretty sore. Other than that he is happy and healthy and adorable.

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Rosalee said...

Cute, cute kids! I love that Jake fell asleep in the swing. We're glad you're here for a bit. We need to hang out though!