Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Layton Open

My family is pretty competitive at miniature golf. Mostly because I make such a big deal out of it. Tonight, my dad, my brother Adam, Kat, and myself, all competed at the Layton Miniature Golf Course. It was pretty intense. My dad, Kat, and I were all locked in a tense match. After the front 9, I led Kat by two strokes, and my dad by three. Unfortunately, I double bogeyed on the 11th and Kat and my dad both birdied, giving Kat a one stroke lead, and tying me and Dad. There wasn't much laughter after that. My dad actually eyed a couple of holes to make sure the line was good. Things only got worse for me. I bogeyed another hole that Kat birdied, giving her a three stroke lead on the 15th, and putting me two behind dad. I managed a birdie on a par three 16 while Kat and Dad settled for par. Then we reached hole 17, the Great Equalizer, THE VOLCANO. Everyone hates the volcano, but I refused to be daunted. A hole one gave a good shot, but I had to wait and see how Kat and Dad would do. Fortunately for me, the volcano proved to be their undoing, and both settled for triple bogeys, enough to give me the lead going into the gimme hole 18. I have to say, Kat and I need to go mini-golfing more often, because she's dang good. Once she gets those volcanoes down, I don't think I'll be able to beat her.

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Carol said...

Glad you had some fun out here, Jacob. Kat is good at anything she puts her mind to. We just stand back and watch in awe. She's full of surprises.