Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vacation Time: Zoo and LES

And on the second day, our family went to the zoo ... and we visited LaVell Edwards Stadium.
Lily, Ty, and Cody ran around a lot.
Lizzy had a good time, too. Then she ran off and we had to hunt for her for about 10 minutes. Uncle Jake found her at the Rhinos.
Floyd and Floyd just chilled.
Jake liked the Cougar statue at LES, but Lily got scared.

Lily ended up getting lost at the zoo, too. She had been riding with Shannon (my sister) in her wagon, and after leaving the playground and heading to the cars, we thought Lily was still with my sister. When my dad showed up, he asked where Lily was. We told him she was with Shannon. "No she's not," my dad said.

Kat and I both ran back to the zoo. Fortunately, she was still in the playground, assuming everything was fine. We think she climbed out of the wagon after Shannon started heading back to the car. We're so thankful Heavenly Father hears our prayers we offer daily for protection over our children.

The animals (or photography show off moment):

Lily, now that she's three, is a monster when she gets tired. You see the proof.
Sorry about not focusing past the fence, but I wasn't using macro, and couldn't get close enough with my standard lens.
I really enjoyed shooting the elephants. Har har har.
Ty is awesome. This pictures makes it obvious. He treats Lily great.
Turtles rock, Dude! So do ... tortoises.

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Ashley said...

Sounds like you guys have had to keep the kids in check! haha, I can only laugh cause we've all been there. That many little kids can get a little busy, but totally fun!