Sunday, September 5, 2010

The New Minivan / Lily Monster

This is a barebone 2007 Honda Odyssey with almost 26K miles. We bought it from Carmax. We had a great experience from them and highly recommend going through them for a used car. They made it really easy. The only drawback was waiting about 3 weeks for a car transfer. If you'd like to see what it looks like, here are some photos for you to dig.

Inside shot. Middle seats apart like normal bucket seats.
Inside shots with bucket seats pushed together. This is very easy to do. Just pull a lever and push the seat over.

Outside shot.
Back shot. Seats up.
Lily STOMPS the seat into the cargo space! Atta girl! Again, very easy. Pull a rope to sandwich the seats, pull a tab and pull the seats into the cargo space. The only thing it needs now is a big blue Y on the side.

Lily decided to play dress-up as a monster. Her costume was awesome.


Whit N Adam said...

From what I hear, people LOVE LOVE LOVE their Honda Odysseys...hope you guys do to!

Carol said...

Hip, Hip Horray! Congrats on the mini van. Lily makes a great monster. Very creative!