Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Musical Blogs- Another Rant

When I first got into blogging, one of the attractive features was being able to share my music whenever someone came to my site. I did not think to myself: "Cool! Now I can force people to listen to my music." I looked into doing it and found some reputable sites that allowed you to download this feature, but then I realized something: "What if certain people don't LIKE my kind of music?"
And that's when I decided NOT to put music on my blog. Now, I know there's all kinds of arguments to my way of thinking: in-store music, riding in someone else's car, calling services that have on-hold music, etc. But most of these are easily rebutted, and so I won't go into them all. But I will go into this one: If someone is riding in MY car, I usually let them "deejay" so that they can listen to whatever they want, not what I want. I have a friend who loves Smashing Pumpkins (yes, Sarah, I'm talking about him) and he even listens to it in the car. Loud. Now, being around him has certainly helped me appreciate Smashing Pumpkins more, but that doesn't mean I want to listen to it EVERY TIME I'm around him. He also listens to The Cardigans, Queen, and Danny Elfman to name a few things. So, if you play music on your blog, here's something to think about: are you sharing, or are you forcing me to hit the mute button on my computer just because I want to see what's going on in your life?


Rosalee said...

I'm sharing and proud to do it. Why? Because a blog is a way to share what is going on in your life. So by adding music to it, you can see another aspect of my life. The music I have isn't just country, there are other genres featured also.

lori said...

Jacob - I just linked over from Rosalee's site and L A U G H E D at this post because I am such a muter. Not because I don't respect people's right to share their music favs...just because it's jarring to me to go from silence to unexpected strains of song.

Rosalees of the go on sharing. But I'm going to go on muting. I can't help it =)

Britley said...

Jake, I was just telling Blake how much I HATED people's blogs with music on it when I clicked on your blog. I like to see what music they like, but I wish there was a way to not make it play unless the person requested it. Yeah.

jeanine said...

Jacob... of COURSE I remember you! So glad that you found my blog. It will be so fun to keep up with you again!