Saturday, March 19, 2011

All About Jake

Jake turned the dreaded 2 on the 16th. It's weird to think that two years have gone by since he came in to our family and that I already have another one who is 6 weeks. It has been so fun to watch this kid change and grow over the last two years. He is quite a character.

(All pictures were taken the night of his birthday. Please excuse the old man combover. He had just taken a bath.)
Jake loves his big sister. He likes to do whatever she is doing. I wish he liked to eat whatever she is eating but that's a whole different story.
This kid is the biggest sweetheart.(most of the time) He can be plenty silly at times but is usually more quiet and reserved. He loves to sit in his room for long periods of time and just read. He is very sensitive and shy and is a total momma's boy.(except that is slowly changing:(
I love his eye lashes. They are even longer than Lily's.
My favorite things about Jake:
He always says "Thank You"
He loves to snuggle with me still
He has the sweetest little voice, especially when saying his prayers
He doesn't know his colors but he could tell you the name of just about any dinosaur
He loves to read
He is so good with his little brother and always says "Baby Asher so cute"
He has the best dinosaur roar (his whole face gets involved)
He has big clumsy feet and whenever he falls he says "oops I missed"
He is great at sharing

His favorite....
color: Pink
Food: Pediasure (we're still working on that one)
movie: Dinosaur aka "Aladar"
book: anything dinosaur related

We sure love this guy and are so grateful he is in our family.


Rosalee said...

he sure is a cutie! Happy birthday Jake!

Carol said...

Hope he feels better soon. He's such a sweetheart--gives the best cuddles. Sure love that little guy.