Saturday, March 12, 2011

Same Outfit, Different Boy

I was going to do one of those who is who posts but then I realized these boys don't look anything alike at all. Even if they did, Lily being in the picture gives it away. She still has to be involved in every picture I take.
I don't know why but it's weird to think these two are brothers. The're not only different in the way they look but their personalities are so different at this age. Jake was so calm and content all the time. I could put him down and almost forget he was there because he wouldn't make a peep. Ash however won't even let me think about putting him down. If I just switch arms or make a movement that seems like I might be putting him down he gets that big sad face and his chin starts to quiver. It breaks my heart.

Asher: Such a sweet little face he has. I love his intent eyes, chubby little cheeks and little nose. He really is a sweetheart despite his fussiness.
Jake: Oh how I miss this serious little face. It's hard to see my kids grow up but I must say I love his serious little face now too. I love that he was born with blond/red hair and blueish eyes. He also had a big nose which was adorable.

Jake: Oh and I can't forget his darling little dimple that he still has.


Kristine said...

Ha ha. I love it. We must be on the same wavelength because I was planning on posting a comparison of my boys this weekend. :) It's so fun to see the different personalities emerging, even at such a young age. And believe you me, it will only be more pronounced with age. Your kids are so cute. I'm a fellow dimple lover myself!

Becky said...

Yeah I agree they look nothing alike. But they are both cute little boys.

Jacob said...

I think they look quite a bit alike.