Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Asher's Birth

I'd have to say that this was by far the easiest delivery I've had so far.(Thank you little Ash) In fact the hardest part was probably getting up at 4:30am in order to be to the hospital by 6:00am. Ok so that's not entirely true but seriously, I couldn't have asked for a better delivery.
I was worried because we were inducing 8 days early but I was already dilated to a 3 and 85% effaced so my Dr. said it would not be a problem.We were a little late getting to the hospital(shocker) so I probably didn't get started on pitocin till about 7:30. Then it was just a waiting game. I already knew I was going to get an epidural early in the game just because the last two times I held off as long as I could and it was torturous. This time I figured if I'm going to get one anyway then why not just do it earlier and save myself the torture. After a few hours I still hadn't really felt anything. The charts were showing major contractions but for some reason they weren't bothering me too bad. After another couple hours they started to get pretty uncomfortable but not too unbearable but I wanted to be numb before it got to that point.
Last time I had a resident place(or should I say misplace) the epidural and it didn't work. Unfortunately for me I had to have a worthless epidural when delivering my biggest child.(9 lbs. 2.0z) I did NOT want that to happen again so we asked for a non resident. The guy I got was AMAZING! They said he could do the job with his eyes closed although I'm glad he didn't. Lets just say I couldn't feel a thing. They had to tell me when to push because I had no idea.
Shortly after the epidural I was dilated to a 6 and 95% effaced. Then my water broke and it was pretty much go time after that. I jumped to a 9 and my Dr. said I could start pushing. I usually push for about 45 minutes but after 4 pushes this little guy was welcomed into the world at 12:28pm weighing 7 lbs. 5 oz. and 20 1/2 inches long.They placed him right on my stomach so I could look at him. He cried for a second then just lay there looking so peaceful and perfect. His head was hardly misshapen and was not too swollen. It was love at first sight. I got pretty emotional in that moment just watching him sleep on my tummy. He had the sweetest little face.
They told me the epidural would wear off after a couple hours and then they would move me to the post delivery room. 4 hours later I was finally able to move my legs a little bit. (I told you it was a good one) In fact Jacob was holding my leg during delivery and after the baby was born he (forgetting I was numb) dropped my leg to go get the camera. It slammed down so hard and my Dr. laughed and said "Wow, now that's a dead leg."
This was the first time I kept the baby in the room with me at night. I usually send them off to the nursery but I didn't really think about that this time. It just sort of seemed natural to keep him with me. Needless to say it was a horrible night. He fussed and fussed and I thought I had myself one of those babies thats just fussy all the time. By the next day I wanted out of there and luckily the staff was able to make that happen for me.
It was so nice to be home and so far we are doing Well. Asher is not a fussy baby he is actually really good and my recovery has gone a lot better than the last two times. I love this little guy and am so happy he is in our family. The kids love him (so far) and things have been great. I am so proud of my family of 5.


Amie said...

He's so beautiful! Glad the birth went so well!

Rosalee said...

I love the image of your dead leg hitting the table! I definitely laughed out loud at that! Anyway, I'm really glad everything went well. I can't wait to meet little Asher!

Kellie said...

He is so sweet! I'm glad you got such a great epidural, that is always helpful :)