Thursday, November 26, 2009


Things are family is thankful for:

Jacob: Our new camera

Kat: My family

Lily: Our couch

Jacob: Loving parents and in-laws

Kat: Food.

Lily: "I just gotta go pee-pee."

Jacob: Jakers

Kat: Our potato peeler

Lily: My puppy (stuffed)

Jacob: Pixar movies to entertain Lily

Kat: Infant Tylenol

Lily: My jammies

Jacob: Children's smiles

Kat: A fun husband

Lily: "I love Jesus!"

Jacob: 1080p

Kat: Good books

Lily: "I love Jake!"

Jacob: Rejections from agents

Kat: Healthy babies

Lily: "My two babies"

Jacob: Friends who lend a helping hand

Kat: The gospel

Lily: "I love Daddy!"


Janelle said...

I remember you posted a similar list last year. I love how real these things are -- a potato peeler?! Seriously...I'm glad I don't have to peel with a knife.

Carol said...

So sweet.