Monday, September 28, 2009


Poor Jake has had a difficult month. First he was teething, then he got really sick,then he got a double ear infection that we are having a hard time getting rid of. He has had it for about three weeks now. The Dr. put him on Amoxicillin and after being on that for about a week we discovered that he was allergic to it. The poor kid is covered in red spots. These pictures do not show them very well. I took him back to the doctor and he was shocked at how bad it was. He told me I could not give him any Amoxicillin for 15 years. He was given a different antibiotic so hopefully he will be on the road to recovery soon. We love you Jake.
Just a quick story. We have been to the doctor a lot lately so Lily knows the routine. The first thing you do is undress the baby. Today she brought her doll and when we got in the room she undressed it and set it on the examining table to wait for the doctor. When he came in he saw the doll and pulled out his stethoscope and examined the doll. He told Lily that the baby was looking great and that she was doing a great job at taking care of her. I am really glad we found this doctor. He has been so great and Lily LOVES going to the doctor because of him. Even if she has to get a shot. It has made it a more positive experience.


Rosalee said...

Oh, that is so sad! I can't believe all the spots on his little body! I hope he starts feeling better soon. Poor little guy. I hope you are feeling better, Kat!

Paul and Kari McMullin said...

Poor little guy!

stacie and jack... said...

oh man. poor kid. hope he starts feeling better soon. for his sake and yours :)