Sunday, May 24, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Today has been a beautiful day. The weather was not too hot or sunny and it had a nice breeze. I just thuoght it would be fun to go outside and take some pictures. The above picture is Lily and her favorite dog Max. We have been taking care of him this weekend and Lily loves it. He is such a nice and patient dog.
Lily has an obsession with flowers and since we don't really have any flowers around here she has to settle for a pretty weed. She loves to wear them in her hair. Sometimes she will go out and pick one for me and it is so sweet. 


Kristine said...

Oh, isn't she the sweetest! I love that she picks little flowers for you! (weed or not, it totally counts!!)

Carol said...

She's such a dainty little thing. So sweet.

Rosalee said...

I'm really glad that you think it is sweet when Lily picks you a dandelion. It makes me sad when other moms can't get over the fact that it's a weed. It is the thought that counts after all!!! She is darling!